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Ace Stream Media is a powerful application for playing videos from torrent trackers (torrent stream). A feature of the utility is that there is no need to download objects to a computer.

AceStream features

  • Integrated ACE Player HD (based on VLC Media Player),
  • Working with .torrent, .acestream, .tstream extensions,
  • The ability to play movies from torrent trackers directly without downloading to a PC, watch videos over a local network,
  • Play popular MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, DVD, MKV, FLV, FLAC and other formats,
  • Integrated manager of multimedia streams,
  • There is a function of capturing an image and taking screenshots,
  • Ability to create a personal channel and broadcast through a network of remote servers,
  • The function of exchanging links to torrent files with friends on social networks,
  • Availability of Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in (extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers).


  • Support for the BitTorrent protocol,
  • Maximum download speed,
  • Integration into the context menu,
  • Using the HTTP2P protocol,
  • Fast application installation process,
  • Abundance of content in peer-to-peer networks,
  • Protection of user’s confidential data,
  • The extension is installed on any popular web browser,
  • Playing clips on popular video hosting sites and any sites,
  • Ability to install additional extensions,
  • Much fewer ad impressions than YouTube and most such services,
  • The current enhanced version of the player is optimized for Windows 10,
  • Ability to view high quality content in real time,
  • The multimedia platform takes up minimal disk space and PC resources, although it is always active in the system tray,
  • Availability of updates on the official website.


  • The presence of pop-up ads,
  • A high-speed connection is required to play the video,
  • There may be malfunctions in the viewing option by direct link.
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