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Acronis Disk Director is a versatile tool that manages hard disk partitions. With the help of Disk Director, the user becomes available to control disk space and many useful additional features.

Features of Acronis Disk Director

  • Manage hard disk partitions, format disks,
  • The package includes an updatable driver database,
  • Acronis Disk includes a data recovery feature if needed,
  • There is a high-quality partition manager, as well as a boot manager, the updated version of which has new features,
  • The Acronis utility can create new partitions on the hard drive,
  • Copying, moving, and managing hard disk partitions without the risk of data loss,
  • Changing the volume label for several disks at once,
  • Support editing fat16, fat32, ntfs, ext3, ext4, exts, linux swap,
  • Ability to change the size of hard drives,
  • Splitting a volume into multiple logical partitions,
  • The hard disk editor can be run from cd, dvd, usb media.


  • The ability to copy, move data, and clone disks,
  • To split a volume into several or add empty space from one to another, the hard does not need to be formatted,
  • Through Acronis, you can hide partitions, set a password for the system and others,
  • In case of data loss, it is possible to recover them,
  • The latest version of the program offers the best tools among competitors,
  • The Acronis developer has successfully optimized the utility for most Windows operating systems,
  • There is a Russian language of the program interface,
  • Loyal requirements during installation,
  • Windows correctly perceives Acronis Disk Director,
  • Extensive hard disk settings for advanced users,
  • Ability to boot from LiveCD and clone, restore, copy target disk and resize it,
  • The software set has high performance indicators, even supports outdated PC equipment.


  • The previous version of Acronis Disk Director 11 Home was more stable, reliability indicators worsened,
  • The process of restoring file system partitions can take quite a long time,
  • The trial version of the Acronix utility for Windows is functionally limited, but it can be installed and tested without any problems,
  • Manual mode of operation provides access to more manipulations with the hard drive than automatic,
  • The need to create an account to activate and register the program.
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