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AdGuard VPN is a small app for getting access to any blocked Internet resources. Protects against phishing, ensures complete confidentiality of your data and blocks annoying advertising content.

Features of AdGuard VPN

  • Built-in ad blocker,
  • Powerful protection against phishing sites,
  • Can be enabled or disabled with one click,
  • Integration into popular browsers Chrome and Firefox,
  • Hiding user sensitive information,
  • Encrypts traffic, hides your real location and ip address,
  • The algorithm can be customized and create filtering rules on your own,
  • Work with various routers and mobile devices.


  • Does not collect your personal information,
  • Unblocking access to any sites,
  • The developer claims that it does not store or transmit logs,
  • Does not install third-party add-ons and plugins,
  • Support for advanced data transfer protocol,
  • Instant notifications about unsafe web resources,
  • You can manually specify the DNS server and other settings,
  • The utility can be used on a local PC and smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7.


  • More features in the final Premium version.
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