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Adobe Brackets is a free application for working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Cross-platform editor provides compatibility with any version of popular systems Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Features of Adobe Brackets

  • Multifunctional text editor,
  • Supports CSS, HTML, JavaScript,
  • Connection of various extensions is available,
  • Error highlighting in real time,
  • Built-in code debugger in Adobe Brackets,
  • Setting up control using hot keys,
  • Quick launch of the application from the context menu,
  • Preview of the program code on the web page,
  • Intelligent auto-completion of code snippet functions,
  • Adobe Brackets is a handy editor with access to quick documentation.


  • Quick installation of plugins,
  • A large number of settings,
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts,
  • Popularity among programmers,
  • Integration with Google Chrome browser,
  • Open source,
  • Manual adjustment of the working area,
  • Small installation file size,
  • Simple and intuitive interface,
  • Ease of writing code, editing and saving code,
  • Support for expanding the functionality of Adobe Brackets through plugins.


  • The Adobe Brackets Live View option is only available for Google Chrome,
  • Some menu items in Brackets 1.13 are not translated into Russian.
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