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Adobe Camera Raw is a powerful application for processing RAW images taken with digital cameras. Contains an advanced set of tools that allow you to edit, customize and convert pictures.

Features of Adobe Camera Raw

  • Cursor highlight function,
  • Working with RAW files,
  • Editing light shades and shadows,
  • Scaling, cropping, image shift to the right or left,
  • Manage layer filters and color correction histograms,
  • Editing and saving your photo in the desired extension,
  • Automatic software update from the official website of the developer,
  • Camera Raw integration with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom CC.


  • Using Bezier curves,
  • You can create your own Camera Raw profiles,
  • Quick registration on Creative Cloud,
  • Customizable panels and tabs with tools,
  • Section with professional photography lessons for beginners,
  • Expansion of software options by loading modules and plug-ins,
  • The latest version of Adobe Camera Raw 11.3 supports Windows 10 and MacOS X.


  • Slow process of installing Camera Raw and getting to the Photoshop interface.
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