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Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector graphics creation and editing software. Contains professional tools for free work in the field of web design.

Features of Adobe Illustrator

  • Illustration printing function,
  • Drawing in perspective is available,
  • Automatic text smoothing,
  • Customizable toolbar,
  • Manual pixel grid adjustment,
  • Extracting cascading tables and styles,
  • Image tracing is supported,
  • Ability to create gradients for logos,
  • Full access to your Creative Cloud library,
  • Storage of materials in the cloud system Adobe Stock,
  • Work on projects from touch screens of mobile devices,
  • Using multiple artboards (separately or together),
  • Integrated Adobe Mercury Performance engine for GPU acceleration.


  • Creation of vector patterns, symbols,
  • Development of design of any complexity,
  • Opening bitmaps,
  • Working with icon transparency,
  • Support for objects in 3d,
  • Built-in various effects,
  • Design layouts using layers,
  • There is a Russian interface language,
  • Intuitive controls,
  • High line accuracy and sharpness of contours,
  • Tight integration with other Adobe products,
  • Creation of complex figures and dynamic objects of computer graphics,
  • Allows you to process large and complex files,
  • Supports a large number of graphic formats,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer,
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 and 2018 versions are compatible with Windows and Mac OS X for mac and pc.


  • High license cost,
  • Long installation time,
  • The duration of the trial period is 7 days,
  • Enhanced features and new features in the full version of Illustrator,
  • It may take a long time to master the software without the relevant knowledge. Illustrator was created for professional designers, it is better to immediately watch the lessons and take at least video training.
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