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Adobe InDesign CC is a versatile publishing and page design application. The first choice of many professional designers, publishers and artists to develop the highest quality printed products.

Features of Adobe InDesign CC

  • Frames, grids, rulers and guides – for aligning columns of text and typography,
  • Basic filters for image processing, such as sepia, retro, color or contrast adjustment,
  • Graphic effects: applying shadows, feathering, outer glow, gradient,
  • Full integration with other Adobe products and synchronization with Creative Cloud cloud storage (if you have an Adobe ID account),
  • Support for Windows and Mac Opentype branded font.


  • Some versions of this program (InDesign CS6, InDesign CS5) are equipped with a preflight module,
  • Export formats to epub, swf, pdf in case of designing electronic books,
  • Fluid or alternative layout based page rules for
    precise control over a specific area,
  • Placeholder text that temporarily fills frames with so-called ‘fish’ when there is no original content yet,
  • Moderate system requirements, 2 gigabytes of RAM is enough for a start.


  • The entry threshold is quite high, especially if you have never used this kind of application,
  • Read-only access to libraries,
  • The software is not released for mobile devices,
  • The high cost of the license for Adobe InDesign CC.
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