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Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful professional graphics editor. It is used by designers, hobbyists, artists, 3D texture creators, and just those who know a lot about creating photorealistic images. The ability to competently retouch images, or create web design in this program is highly valued in our time. There are no certain effects here, you are limited only by your skills, knowledge and imagination, because. by combining this or that effect/filter, you create something completely new.

Features of Adobe Photoshop

  • Separate work with each layer, creating groups of layers, attaching masks and other elements of digital art to them,
  • Apply filters, blurs, styles, noise in real time,
  • Changing the opacity and layer mode,
  • A large number of autoshapes, lines, arrows, the ability to create them,
  • Automatic selection and manual selection using various tools,
  • Individual sorting of layers,
  • Editing the RGB channels of an image,
  • Raw Camera file processing tool,
  • Elimination of red-eye effect,
  • Flexibility in working with text, many integrated fonts and gradients,
  • Integration with palettes rgb, cmyk,
  • Import files with scanned images,
  • Possibility of retouching, color correction, collage (making high-quality collages), scaling, rotation, transformation of graphics,
  • The ability to print directly from the application, through a convenient wizard,
  • Support for creating realistic blanks for three-dimensional graphics and animation,
  • Mouse, touchpad or graphics tablet control,
  • And much more.


  • Own 3D editor that supports UV-chart overlay,
  • Any element in the Photoshop interface can be reduced/enlarged, moved, unpinned/attached, added or removed,
  • You can add your own options for patterns, textures, brushes, etc.,
  • Support for Microsoft operating systems on 32 and 64 bit,
  • On the official website, you can quickly update through Creative Cloud,
  • Creation of GIF animations, allows you to edit tiff, svg, png, gif, etc.,
  • Availability of various add-ons in the Adobe Stock store,
  • Printing images in one or more copies,
  • There are software modifications for iOS and Windows,
  • The new version of Photoshop has received high optimization with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10,
  • Designed for processing vector and raster images,
  • Russian language of the menu interface (there are English, Ukrainian and others),
  • There is also a PS Touch app optimized for tablets and other mobile devices,
  • Lack of serious alternatives with a similar level of functionality and tools,
  • Improved work with hdr in new versions of the editor,
  • Extended integration with the cloud service,
  • Adobe Photoshop CC is distributed by subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, through which product updates also come.


  • You can get Photoshop for free for a trial period of 30 days, then you need to purchase a license, the PS photo editor does not work without registration,
  • PS for PC, Windows laptop, MacOS platform is available only in the Creative Suite package,
  • System requirements for weak PCs may not be suitable,
  • It will be difficult for new users to understand the principles of working in this graphic editor, especially if your operating system is Mac or Linux.
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