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ADVANCED Codecs is a modern implementation of early codec packaging for Windows 7 and 8 called the Codecs Pack. The presence of this codec package will allow its owner to play all kinds of video files, as well as streaming video.

Features of ADVANCED Codecs

  • A set of codecs that replaces the old system in Windows 7, 8,
  • Advanced Codecs Windows 7 now supports Full HD,
  • Codecs Windows does not require any additional settings after the installation process,
  • The file associations will remain at their defaults,
  • Installed codecs will play video content in any browser,
  • Thanks to the developers of the Advanced Codecs program, communication with the media center is available,
  • The ability to reinstall or remove certain codecs in the operating system.


  • Availability of compatibility not only with Windows Media Player, but also with most other media players,
  • Excellent optimization during video playback,
  • Possibility to download the newest version of the program for free,
  • Full Russian language is supported for the Windows operating system,
  • Playback of any modern video formats,
  • There is no need to install any additional players.


  • During the installation of Advanced Codecs, you can see constantly pop-up ads.
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