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AeroAdmin is a utility for remote access to a personal computer via the World Wide Web. Remote management allows ordinary users and professional network administrators to get maximum comfort when doing it.

AeroAdmin features

  • Remote access to other desktops over the network, a great plus for network administrators,
  • Ability to connect via local network, a convenient file manager for data transfer via AeroAdmin,
  • Parallel sessions open with active Internet connections,
  • Several options for choosing modes of remote control of the computer,
  • The utility connects computers, creating a network and multisessions,
  • There is AeroAdmin Portable functionality,
  • The ability to control the desktop of another PC.


  • Aeroadmin is free for non-commercial use,
  • Instant remote connection setup via the Aero Admin tool,
  • Automatic selection of image quality on the client computer,
  • Ability to set multiple sessions at the same time without additional settings,
  • High level of security of transmitted data in AeroAdmin – aes rsa encryption,
  • When managing a computer, the program demonstrates extensive functionality, even its free modification,
  • The design of the AeroAdmin utility is implemented in Russian,
  • The connection is made using encryption,
  • After installation, settings for certain PCs are saved automatically at the request of the user,
  • There is a manual, automatic connection settings,
  • AeroAdmin compatible with Windows 10,
  • Free software does not clog the clipboard of a personal computer with unnecessary information and other data,
  • It is possible to block Windows from the side of the administrator using this utility.


  • Multisessions will not be available if the user has downloaded the free AeroAdmin program,
  • To control the computer and its further connection, a permanent active session is required.
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