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AFK Arena will take the player to the mystical labyrinths of Esperia, located in the Peaks of Time. Enjoy an exciting journey, collect unique hero cards, form factions with your friends and engage in epic battles against hundreds of enemies from all over the world.

AFK Arena features

  • Fascinating storyline,
  • Fine-tuning the appearance of the character,
  • Button for collecting daily bonuses and rewards,
  • Pumping individual skills and abilities of fighters,
  • The presence of interesting factional tasks and events,
  • AFK Arena installation is available on PC Windows and Mac OS,
  • Random adjustment of the difficulty of computer opponents,
  • Reposts of your achievements in social networks Facebook and Twitter,
  • A convenient turn-based combat system (attack, defense) in manual or automatic mode.


  • Quick account creation,
  • Small apk file size,
  • Separate icon on the desktop,
  • Autosave game progress,
  • Added a new quest ‘Wanted Board’,
  • Great fan site for the mobile game AFK Arena,
  • Various guides and detailed instructions for beginners,
  • Great graphics, high-quality animation effects,
  • Regular app updates from Windows Play Market and iOS App Store,
  • An option that allows you to send requests to join guilds with other users,
  • You can download Lightbearers, Refund Code, Rest in Peace, Untamed Flame, Temple of Ascension, etc. add-ons.


  • Paid purchases of equipment in the built-in store,
  • Rare crashes when trying to log into the account (press the login key a few more times).
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