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The free AIMP audio player for the Windows platform plays audio in many formats. The player provides advanced functionality in comparison with analogues and is convenient for switching tracks right on the lock screen.

AIMP Capabilities

  • Two sound output methods: AudioTrack and OpenSL,
  • Support for links to PLS and M3U playlists, as well as audio streams,
  • Loading album covers from file folders,
  • Full support for CUE files,
  • Setting the track to call formats,
  • Playlist/track repeat,
  • Create a new playlist while listening to the current one,
  • Quick addition and playback of tracks from a memory card,
  • Providing complete information about the current audio file,
  • Support display lyrics in audio player,
  • Sorting grouping, adding tags for a folder with a file,
  • Selectively import files into a playlist.


  • Support for formats: mp3, wav, s3m, ogg, dff, flac, aac, mp4, m4a, m4b, mod, mo3, it, s3m, mtm, umx, wv, opus and dff,
  • Multilingual interface,
  • Ability to resize the widget on the desktop: 4*1, 4*2 or 4*4,
  • Export to playlists in formats: aimpbpl, m3u8 and m3u,
  • Built-in filter for searching by playlist,
  • 8-band automatic equalizer with manual adjustment,
  • Music listening speed control,
  • The presence of a timer (setting at the end of playback or by time),
  • The player is developed on the Bass sound engine,
  • Integration with standard lock screen.


  • Crashes on Xiaomi devices controlled by MIUI.
  • Insufficient rendering expansion.
  • For tracks that do not have an album image, a random image from the gallery is pulled up.
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