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AkelPad is an open source text editor that is a good alternative to the standard notepad, which has all the necessary functionality from office applications.

AkelPad Features

  • Macro support,
  • Block selection,
  • Two modes – single-window and multi-window,
  • unlimited size of the edited file,
  • Full support for unicode strings for Windows files,
  • Work with line breaks from Unix systems with the ability to save,
  • List of recently opened and edited files,
  • Support for the correct display of pseudographics,
  • Search and replace text strings by hexadecimal encoding and escape sequences, regular expressions,
  • Ability to view the file before opening,
  • Support for utf-16le, utf-16be, utf-32le, utf-32be encodings,
  • Checking the syntax of text fragments, folding blocks,
  • Work with any code page, all formats of translation of lines, text.


  • Works in MS-DOS, Windows, Unix,
  • Support for many plugins,
  • Convenient toolbar,
  • Multi-level rollback of actions,
  • There is mdi sdi multi-window mode,
  • Ability to run scripts,
  • Large database of special characters,
  • Assignable custom hotkeys hotkeys,
  • Works with absolutely all encodings, files (unicode, utf-8, utf-16, utf-32, etc.) installed in the operating system,
  • Automatic storage of document encoding,
  • Working with binary files and editing protected files,
  • Remembering the position of the cursor and the position of the carriage,
  • Full support for language modules,
  • Expansion of Akelpad functionality through plugins,
  • Ability to print a document using a printer.


  • The text editor Akelpad is a good replacement for notepad, although most of the features are available in any average editor.
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