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Alzex Finance is a powerful portable finance manager for computers and smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s. The program will help you manage your family budget better than a professional accountant.

Opportunities Alzex Finance

  • Budget management and accounting of income/expenses,
  • Separation of all expenses and profits into categories,
  • Management of incoming and outgoing debts,
  • Scheduler for automatic transactions,
  • Adding an unlimited number of card and cash accounts,
  • Support for all world currencies, as well as cryptocurrencies and precious metals,
  • Quick analysis of the financial situation with the help of visual reports with diagrams,
  • Ability to create multiple accounts with different rights, synchronization between them and with connected mobile devices.


  • Clear and concise interface,
  • Excellent implementation of all necessary functions,
  • Ability to install on a USB flash drive, external hard drive,
  • Automation of regular payments, database backup,
  • Quick completion of frequent operations – search by first letters and numbers,
  • Synchronization between multiple devices, including Windows, ifrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7,
  • Ability to edit transactions, categories, accounts, user roles.


  • The program may seem overwhelming if you are a beginner.
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