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AMD Driver Autodetect is a small utility for automatically searching for and installing new versions of AMD Radeon video card drivers. It will quickly determine the chipset model or discrete video adapter on your PC and perform the necessary operation in one click.

Features AMD Driver Autodetect

  • Fine tuning of control keys,
  • Manual adjustment of the main window of the utility,
  • Supports most Radeon Graphics display adapters,
  • Creating a backup copy (screenshot) of previous drivers,
  • Ensures the correct operation of video in games and 3D programs,
  • Regular app updates from the official website,
  • Specifies the video card model, driver version, serial number, and chipset registration date.


  • Convenient tray notifications,
  • Does not require a lot of system resources,
  • Allows you to limit the download speed,
  • Detection of obsolete and inoperable devices,
  • Recognition of modified cards with indices ‘M’ and ‘XT’,
  • You can leave feedback about the software or contact technical support,
  • Compatibility of AMD Driver Autodetect with Windows OS of any edition up to 8.1, 10.


  • Some features are for advanced users only.
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