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AMD Overdrive is a free real-time overclocking utility for AMD processors. It has advanced functionality and a simple interface.

AMD Overdrive Capabilities

  • Support for a large number of different AMD chipsets,
  • Control of cooling and acoustic parameters is available,
  • Improving system performance in automatic mode,
  • Display of fan speed, frequency, voltage, temperature,
  • Allows you to do tests to determine the quality of the processor, memory, motherboard, etc.


  • The presence of a pleasant interface with convenient control,
  • Conducting a chipset stability test,
  • Control Stability – full control of the properties and parameters of the system,
  • Extreme mode for maximum PC performance,
  • The new version of AMD Overdrive is compatible with Windows XP and above.


  • English interface language,
  • There are no software updates from the official site,
  • Does not work with chipsets from other manufacturers.
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