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Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a program that provides remote access to your computer. It is possible to control not only a computer, but also a server, as well as a corporate network in real time, while you can be anywhere. The utility has a high-quality encryption system, all sent data remains confidential.

Features of Ammyy Admin

  • Providing remote access from absolutely anywhere,
  • Allows you to transfer more than 100 TB of information through a secure connection – encryption algorithm aes-256 rsa,
  • Implementation of a hybrid algorithm for connecting to a remote PC,
  • The latest version of Ammyy Admin included received stability improvements and increased speed,
  • Real-time data transfer,
  • Ami Admin contains audio chat for communication,
  • Convenient shell of a modern interface, made in Russian,
  • Any Windows system is supported, including XP, Vista and Windows 7, 8,
  • High-quality administration of servers in a few seconds,
  • High level of encryption in the process of exchanging files,
  • There is a built-in voice chat.


  • Intuitive interface of Ammyy Admin,
  • Application for remote PC control, can be run without prior installation,
  • AmiAdmin provides remote access to the computer using the rdp protocol, which guarantees a reliable connection,
  • Reliable encryption of all transmitted data and access parameters to a remote computer,
  • The developer periodically updates the software,
  • In the Ammyy Admin program, you can run several simultaneous sessions,
  • Does not require additional software and a lot of system resources CPU and RAM,
  • There is a built-in voice chat,
  • There is a Russian version of the implementation of a simple and comfortable interface,
  • Performing the functions of a file manager – Ammyy Admin implements full remote access to the partner’s PC hard drive,
  • Quick access to a computer, server and corporate network,
  • Ammyy Admin claims to support Microsoft Remote Desktop technology,
  • Remote administration in local networks.


  • Rare display problems may occur with some windows,
  • For correct work with the program, sometimes it is required to configure the parameters of the firewalls of the client and server PCs,
  • AmmyAdmin may appear as untrusted software for some antivirus programs,
  • The free program assumes limited use per month (up to 15 hours of non-commercial use), the full version removes this limitation.
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