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The continuation of the legendary game Angry Birds for Windows turned out to be bright, exciting and original – a worthy representative of a series of games about the confrontation between angry birds and green pigs. The second part remained with the traditional plot of the game, but received many new interesting attributes.

Features of Angry Birds 2

  • Challenge other players around the world in daily tournaments,
  • Create clans with your friends and fight other factions,
  • Use fun and spectacular spells to deal damage more effectively,
  • Increase your score as the level breaks down to get extra birds,
  • Think over the attack tactics: you can choose the order in which the birds will strike.


  • 240 colorful levels with a traditional plot: furious birds against a detachment of pigs and cunning pig bosses who treacherously stole feathered eggs,
  • A clear and common mission for all levels: aim and hit the bird in the fortification,
  • Simple game control with one finger: charge and retract the slingshot with a bird, correct the flight path and remove your finger to launch,
  • Each type of bird has its own unique abilities, has a different area of ​​u200bu200bdestruction,
  • Excellent graphics and a cool emotional component: the expression of the faces of the characters changes depending on the mood and the success of military operations,
  • No age restrictions: the game is designed for both adults and young children.


  • Long loading: you have to wait 10-30 seconds until a new round opens,
  • After spending five lives in a row, you have to wait a long time for recovery or buy lives for real money.
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