AnVir Task Manager download free from Windows

Anvir Task Manager

AnVir Task Manager is a free system utility for managing startup, running processes, services, and Windows drivers. Thanks to a powerful set of tools, it allows you to achieve maximum computer performance.

Features of AnVir Task Manager

  • Diagnoses network traffic,
  • Checks for icons in the tray,
  • Speeds up loading, optimizes memory usage, load on
    processor cores,
  • Allows you to set the priority of processes and services,
  • Full analysis of the security of personal data,
  • Acceleration of Windows loading and computer operation,
  • Providing detailed information about the system,
  • Anti-malware tools,
  • Allows you to control running processes,
  • Controls computer settings in the background,
  • Fine-tuning tools for process management,
  • Regular software updates from the official website of the developer,
  • AnVir Task Manager universal program displays a list of recent changes in the startup manager,
  • Providing free space on the HDD, flash drive and other drives,
  • Clear cache, cookies and history in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


  • Integration of AnVir Task Manager in the system tray,
  • Convenient command line,
  • Replacing the task manager,
  • Services and Drivers Control Panel,
  • Hard drive temperature monitoring,
  • Allows you to add programs to startup,
  • Increases hard drive boot speed,
  • Detection and removal of Spyware, Adware viruses,
  • The new version of AnVir Task Manager is compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10,
  • Saving laptop battery power,
  • Anti-trojan functions, antispyware,
  • Disabling run with administrator rights,
  • Easily manage startup and process list,
  • A large number of hidden settings and additional features,
  • Displays complete information about Internet (TCP, UDP) connections,
  • Allows you to optimize the performance of the processor and RAM,
  • There is a portable version of the AnVir Task Manager autoloader for Windows,
  • A huge database of programs and various utilities with a detailed description of each.


  • AnVir Task Manager conflicts with Windows Vista Task Manager,
  • Rare crashes when displaying a graph of active processes.
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