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ArcheAge for PC is a multiplayer role-playing game in the MMORPG genre. A semantic storyline awaits you, an open fantasy game world with elements of magic, the Middle Ages and steampunk, besides with high-quality graphics.


  • Thoughtful storyline,
  • Developed trading and crafting system. it is very easy to start playing,
  • The game product is distributed completely free of charge,
  • Colorful animation and excellent graphics component of the online game,
  • In the ArcheAge universe in a fantasy world, the action takes place on land, sea, in the open world,
  • Supports customization of an existing and creation of an individual interface,
  • There are 10 character classes available in the game, while you can simultaneously develop in 3 of them,
  • Mesmerizing musical accompaniment, from the famous: Shin Hae Chul and Yoon Sang,
  • The game level rises very quickly, but when you get it, you begin to realize that the most interesting is still ahead,
  • The new world will please fans of PvE with an abundance of dungeons, monsters, raid bosses, as well as a profession system consisting of more than 20 options,
  • Players – lovers of PvP modes will get a lot of impressions from the fight against other players during: classic arena fights, naval battles, shelling, collisions, interception of valuable cargo (taking a ship for boarding), castle sieges, etc .,
  • The ability to create large associations of hundreds, thousands of players in order not only to fight monsters, but also to have a significant impact on the game world.


  • Minor texture bugs are periodically observed,
  • Playing MMORPG ArcheAge on a weak PC is completely impossible,
  • The online game ArcheAge developed by the Korean company XLGames is now presented by the Group with all the ensuing consequences.
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