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ArchiCAD is Graphisoft’s powerful structural design software. You will receive a complete set of tools for creating drawings, specifications and 3D models.

Features of ArchiCAD

  • Running in the background,
  • Working with point clouds,
  • Built-in graphic editor,
  • Access to databases of finished projects,
  • Collision detection function,
  • Data exchange by e-mail,
  • Quick save option at any stage,
  • Ability to color objects in the 3D window,
  • Sophisticated tools for free building modeling,
  • New BIM Server technology for project collaboration,
  • Construction of glass frame structures and curvilinear elements.


  • Russian interface language,
  • Sending drawings for printing,
  • Huge library of objects,
  • Create associative railings on the floor plan,
  • Displays reference and spatial polygon,
  • Uses modern background data processing technology,
  • Setting the base height, surface faces, radius, circle center and other parameters,
  • The latest versions of ArchiCAD 19 – 22 are compatible with Windows 8, 10 and Mac OS X (64 bit),
  • Providing a comfortable workflow for architects, engineers and project team leaders.


  • High system requirements,
  • Requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher,
  • 30 days in demo mode,
  • Takes up at least 5 GB of free disk space,
  • As of ArchiCAD 18, support for Windows XP and Vista has been discontinued.
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