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Graphic editor Artweaver, can be used to draw and edit bitmap graphics. At your disposal will be all the tools to create a new masterpiece: brushes, pencils, chalk, airbrush, acrylic paint and much more. A raw project can be given the finishing touches through filters, color correction, noise, or blurring. Artweaver works very well with Adobe Photoshop, more precisely with its PSD format, which means that unfinished work can be transferred to Artweaver and completed there.

Features Artweaver

  • Create, convert digital images and photos in PCX, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA formats, and like Photoshop, Artweaver has its own AWD format,
  • Roll back recent actions applied to the project,
  • Graphic tablet support,
  • Installing individual plugins that add new features,
  • Support for several layers, including text ones, separate work with each – changing the transparency and mode,
  • Overlay filters, blur, masking, spots and reliefs,
  • Color fill, various selection methods, eraser, etc.


  • Artweaver is a free program,
  • Simulation of many drawing tools,
  • Work with many formats,
  • Compatible with PSD format.


  • After version 1.0, the program becomes a shareware license,
  • By default, the interface language is German or English, the file with the Russian language must be installed independently,
  • BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG formats do not have layer support.
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