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Astellia is a client MMORPG in which you will control not only interesting characters, but also various pets. Experience intense journeys through a unique fantasy world and large-scale battles in multiplayer mode.

Astellia features

  • Rating PvP in arenas,
  • Standard guides for beginners,
  • Collecting a deck with familiars,
  • Massive battles with terrifying monsters,
  • You can choose a specific combat system for the duel,
  • Many locations, ranging from forests to dungeons,
  • Extended pumping of the character’s equipment, adjustable characteristics of strength, defense, etc.


  • Addictive gameplay,
  • The PC itself chooses the difficulty of the opponents,
  • High-quality drawing of models and textures,
  • Allows you to register in a few clicks,
  • Fast connection to servers with gamers from the CIS,
  • Added arenas ‘Tulli’s Prophecy’ and ‘Cursed Colosseum’,
  • An interesting trailer, a lot of entertainment events, news and other content,
  • The official website of Korean developers regularly releases updates for Astellia Online.


  • Cannot be played in PvE mode,
  • Checking the registration on the website takes some time.
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