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ASUS Update is the official BIOS update utility for computers and laptops. Supports motherboards of different series, provides several servers for downloading the firmware you are interested in.

Features of the ASUS Update Utility

  • Search function for new BIOS versions,
  • Checking information about devices,
  • Supports work in the background,
  • Allows you to create a backup copy of data,
  • Server selection is available before downloading the software,
  • Saving the downloaded file on the hard drive of the PC,
  • Ability to update BIOS for Asus motherboard.


  • Embedding in the notification panel,
  • Low load of RAM,
  • Ability to configure a proxy server,
  • Availability of tips for novice users,
  • Intuitive interface, simple operation,
  • Compatibility of the latest ASUS BIOS Update with Windows 10 64 bit,
  • BIOS update files can be downloaded from the official website of AsusTek Computer Inc.


  • English interface language,
  • There are no updates for the software,
  • Possible conflicts with similar programs.
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