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Atmel Studio is a free integrated application development environment for Atmel microcontrollers based on the ARM architecture of Cortex-M processors. Contains an impressive library with source code examples for a variety of software.

Features of Atmel Studio

  • Support for the AVR RTOS plugin,
  • Import projects from other IDEs,
  • Working with C/C++ and assembler,
  • Using the GCC Toolchain Compiler,
  • Built-in debugger for correct code writing,
  • Integration with Atmel Start platform and WinAvr package,
  • Allows you to automatically install the Atmel USB driver,
  • Display detailed information about circuits, LEDs, programmers, etc.


  • Firmware update for Xplained Mini,
  • It became easier to manage the command line,
  • Fixed the button for adding files in the Solution Explorer window,
  • A lot of reference documentation on the official website of the developer,
  • High compilation speed, fast execution of scripts in the emulator,
  • Support for many devices manufactured by Microchip Technology,
  • Compatible with any version of Windows OS, including NT, 2000, XP, Vista and above.


  • English menu,
  • Quite a lengthy software installation process,
  • For the full use of the software, you must have the appropriate knowledge, not every ordinary PC user can handle it.
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