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Atom is a modern open source text editor with a lot of features. Contains an intelligent input auto-completion system and syntax highlighting option, integrated into the context menu.

Features of Atom Text Editor

  • Built-in code editor,
  • The presence of a file manager,
  • Compatibility mode with Vim and Emacs,
  • Setting up hotkeys for different functions,
  • Various themes for the interface,
  • Supports work with bookmarks and tabs,
  • Expansion of functionality by connecting plugins,
  • Automatic software updates from the official website of AtomTeam.


  • Fast opening of files,
  • Built-in command line support,
  • Tool for finding and replacing parts of code,
  • Export/import documents from Sublime Text,
  • Possibility of feedback with the official support service,
  • Customizable interface language: Russian, English and so on,
  • Atom installation is available on OS Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS (32, 64 bit).


  • Not all items of the Atom editor are in Russian,
  • Pretty high system requirements.
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