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The 3ds Max program opens up unlimited possibilities for creating three-dimensional graphics and animation. Used by professionals in the development of computer games, 3D animation, television commercials and interior design.

Features of Autodesk 3ds Max

  • Fine tuning of light sources,
  • Joint work on the project,
  • Managing the properties of materials and objects,
  • A wide range of visual effects and filters,
  • Built-in advanced shader constructor,
  • Processing of photorealistic images,
  • Plugins and scripts are supported,
  • There is a version of 3D Max Studio for the Mac OS operating system,
  • Powerful tools for working with complex scenes,
  • Use of Bezier surfaces and high-resolution fragments,
  • New opportunities for 3D modeling, animation and visualization,
  • Mental Ray module for rendering and compositing at high speed.


  • Support for polygonal modeling,
  • Realistic effects with dynamics,
  • Customizable units of measure,
  • Huge library of materials,
  • Simulation of water, fire, smoke, wind and so on,
  • Image depth and sharpness adjustment,
  • Advanced mechanisms for calculating the physics of motion,
  • Widespread use in the field of game creation,
  • Running multiple worker processes at the same time,
  • Obtaining high quality 3D models,
  • The latest versions of 3ds Max support Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 (64 bit),
  • Automatic software updates from the official website of the developer.


  • English interface language,
  • High system requirements,
  • Limited functionality of 3ds Max in free mode,
  • The new version of the program is incompatible with OS WinXP (32 bit).
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