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Avast Internet Security is an antivirus that can guarantee the full range of measures to protect PCs and home networks. Provides complete protection in financial transactions and security when making purchases online on the Internet.

Features of Avast Internet Security

  • Spyware detection, virus detection and protection,
  • Intelligent Scan,
  • The presence of a firewall (firewall),
  • Ensuring the security of home networks,
  • Safe opening of files and sites, browser cleaning,
  • Mail protection from spam (anti-spam),
  • Support for pop3/imap4 protocols and others,
  • Ensuring the security of DNS addresses from attacks,
  • Safe transfer of personal information on the Internet (SafeZone),
  • Create a rescue disk.


  • Invisible impact on the performance of the entire system,
  • Download updates in real time,
  • Built-in home network security scanner, wi-fi check,
  • High-quality made game mode without notifications,
  • Anti-phishing add-ons for popular browsers
  • Excellent results of the firewall in repelling network attacks,
  • Good performance in numerous tests on various systems,
  • Not a single reliable email in ms outlook is blocked by the spam filter,
  • Reliable blocking of exploits,
  • Avast compatibility with Windows 10,
  • Scanning routers for security issues.


  • Skip spam in 25% of cases,
  • Very modest protection against phishing,
  • Some additional modules (Avast SecureLine VPN, Endpoint Protection, Cleanup Premium) require their purchase to work – out of the box, the antivirus solution includes only basic functionality.
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