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Avast Premium Security is a comprehensive antivirus product that protects your computer from malware in real time. Includes various additional features to combat malware and improve PC performance.

Features of Avast Premium Security

  • Ransomware protection,
  • Blocking remote access to a PC,
  • Built-in torrent file analyzer,
  • Finding and eliminating ransomware,
  • Functions to improve device performance,
  • Regular auto-updates of virus signature databases,
  • Monitoring of incoming and outgoing messages on the e-mail,
  • Notifications from the system tray (detailed status of the performed scan),
  • Check for suspicious activity of extensions and other components in the browser.


  • Powerful cloud protection,
  • Reminders about the release of fresh updates,
  • Quick installation and launch, easy setup,
  • Network analysis, automatic detection of weaknesses,
  • It is possible to create a CD-ROM or USB-drive with a bootable version of the scanner,
  • Fixing network vulnerabilities, fighting phishing and digital extortion,
  • Ensuring complete confidentiality, blocking spyware and adware,
  • Protects against hacking, data theft, fake ransomware sites, various hacker actions,
  • Blocks suspicious objects and places them in a sandbox, scans them for the possibility of infection,
  • The ability to use the new version of Avast Premium Security antivirus on multiple devices.


  • Quite high system requirements,
  • To use all the functionality, you will need to purchase a license (activation key or paid subscription).
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