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AVZ is a simple anti-virus utility that scans the operating system for suspicious files and then cleans or disinfects them. You will find free analysis of Trojan dlls, keyloggers, as well as network mail worms and much more. The utility is rather difficult to attribute to a full-fledged anti-virus complex, but it is able to perform all the basic tasks of ensuring the security of user data and includes the presence of firmware for treating the entire Windows system.

AVZ Features

  • The official site provides high-quality signature database updates,
  • Monitoring of all running processes, as well as the rapid detection of Trojans,
  • During the system scan, the AVZ antivirus utility searches for any potential threat to your computer,
  • In the latest version, we have implemented an improved system heuristic check,
  • Investigation of suspicious web resources, cleaning of mail worms, the utility analyzes registry keys,
  • In the antivirus program, there is a keylogger keylogger detector, as well as a search system for various worms,
  • Reliable storage of secure files, the ability to choose a specific action when a threat is detected.


  • Built-in analyzer of open ports tcp/udp,
  • Full search for adware, spyware, riskware files and threats,
  • An impressive number of known viruses in a constantly updated signature database,
  • The new version included advanced scanning of system files,
  • The presence of a simple and intuitive interface in Russian,
  • There is a manager of processes, services, drivers and a database of safe configurations for system recovery,
  • Very fast detection and removal of virus threats,
  • Ability to investigate suspicious files and malware,
  • High optimization rates with any current OS from Microsoft, from Windows XP to Windows 10,
  • Relatively low system requirements.


  • There is no real-time protection of shared resources.
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