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Baidu Root for Windows is a utility from Chinese developers that allows you to get root rights on your mobile device. Against the background of most analogues, it does not require a connection to a PC and any heavy settings.

Features of Baidu Root

  • Wide range of tools,
  • Allows you to modify system files,
  • Advanced memory cleaners,
  • Quickly get root rights in one click,
  • Changing the IP address and port number when connecting to the Internet.


  • Interface in Russian,
  • PC connection is not required,
  • Advanced system management,
  • Providing detailed information about the network,
  • Quick installation of the program to obtain root rights,
  • Compatible with most Windows devices version 2.2 and above.


  • Some menu items are in Chinese,
  • Pop-up windows with a suggestion to install different applications,
  • The Baidu Root application conflicts with most antiviruses (although it is not a virus!).
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