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Balda Online Assistant was created to get tips for the popular logic game Balda. It is enough to enter known letters and the application will help you choose all possible answers.

Features Balda Helper Online

  • Help is given to each player,
  • The presence of a huge vocabulary base,
  • The function of interpreting the meanings of words,
  • Display current options alphabetically,
  • Convenient search bar, launch in one click,
  • Adding a composed word to a separate list,
  • Helps you move to the next level as quickly as possible,
  • Availability of tips for different games from (Scrabble, Scrabble, Backgammon, etc.),
  • Searches for a noun in the singular and nominative case, the plural form is allowed.


  • Does not require authorization and registration,
  • Clear control using the keyboard,
  • Slang and common names are prohibited,
  • You can choose the number of cells from 3×3 to 10×10,
  • Possesses high rates of intelligence,
  • Advanced algorithms for finding answers to the word game.


  • It is more interesting and fairer to play on your own.
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