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Balda Online is a popular language game for adults and children, available online from any browser. Make up words with letters added to the square playing field, earn points and defeat your opponents.

Features of Balda Online

  • Conducting various tournaments,
  • Button ‘Skip turn’ and ‘Start again’,
  • Built-in chat to communicate with other users,
  • Several options for the size of the cell on a sheet of paper,
  • You can set a password for your account on the website,
  • The presence of other board games (Hangman, Balda, etc.),
  • Support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Amigo, Yandex browsers,
  • Convenient typing on the keyboard (including virtual with the mouse).


  • Tips for beginners,
  • Nice menu design
  • Monitor resolution setting,
  • Lack of advertising banners on the screen,
  • Quick addition of letters to the selected cell,
  • Cancellation of your move is available (if a computer is playing with you),
  • You can play Baldu Online for free and without registration,
  • An exciting gameplay that promotes the development of logic.


  • Rare errors when entering the ‘History’ section.
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