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Battlefield 3 takes you into a war zone of incredible proportions. You will land on the territory of different parts of the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Manage a team of American infantrymen and destroy absolutely all terrorists who threaten complete destruction on a global scale.

Battlefield 3 Features

  • Russian voice acting is available,
  • A large number of different weapons,
  • Realistic system of destruction of objects,
  • The ability to issue commands to members of your team,
  • A variety of military equipment (land, sea, air),
  • Single player campaign and multiplayer battles,
  • Different areas of megacities, open spaces, cramped rooms and other locations.


  • Russian interface language,
  • Simple and convenient control,
  • Dynamic and exciting gameplay,
  • 64 players can participate in online battles,
  • Opportunity to develop your tactics and strategy skills,
  • Unlimited movement on vehicles by land, sea and in the sky,
  • Realistic character animations and detailed study of all objects on the map,
  • The brand new EA Dice graphics engine delivers top-notch picture quality.


  • Quite a long installation time for a first-person shooter,
  • The full game Battlefield Premium Edition contains more locations, heavy weapons and vehicles.
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