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The BC Help program will help you fill out certificates of income and expenses, as well as on property and obligations of a property nature. All information complies with the established decrees of the President of Russia and resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation.

BC Help Features

  • Function of the press on the laser printer,
  • The presence of prompts when starting the utility,
  • You can set additional requirements,
  • Saving files and archives to the specified folder,
  • Significantly simplifies the process of filing documents,
  • Automatically adjusts the correct font size,
  • There is a sample filling and instructions for working with the program,
  • Allows you to correct errors made in a text document,
  • Quick installation of the open source software Help Bookmarker on a computer running Windows XP – 10.


  • Low system requirements,
  • Preview option,
  • Hot key control,
  • Small size of the installation package,
  • Providing methodological recommendations,
  • Intuitive user interface,
  • Displays the deadlines for filing a declaration for civil servants,
  • Tool for monitoring and comparing financial statements,
  • Access to the official website of the President of the Russian Federation,
  • To reset the default settings, just press one button,
  • Quick entry of passport data, details of real estate, bank accounts, spouse information, etc.


  • To work online, you need a stable Internet connection,
  • The procedure for sending the template to the workflow may take some time.
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