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Game Beard. To understand and forgive on a smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet from the developers of RPM RTV LLC is an original and completely unparalleled adventure in the genre: a puzzle, based on the comedy series of the same name-show ‘Our Russia’.


  • Entertaining gameplay,
  • Interface language: Russian,
  • Enticing storyline,
  • A lot of interesting puzzles,
  • Pleasant soundtrack,
  • The application includes mini-games,
  • The game has signature humor,
  • The controllable character is fully voiced by Mikhail Galustyan,
  • If necessary, it is possible to use hints,
  • Decent game graphics. All locations are qualitatively detailed.


  • Short plot of the game,
  • The application contains advertising content,
  • Periodic lags and crashes in loading are observed.
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