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The Bigo Live app for Windows allows you to broadcast and vlog in real time. It has a built-in online chat for quick correspondence with other users.

BIGO LIVE features

  • Integration with the Bigo TV service,
  • Means of saving Internet traffic,
  • Repost your broadcasts to social networks,
  • Creation of thematic vlogs in real time,
  • A large number of effects and filters for video,
  • Ability to give and receive virtual gifts,
  • Live chat with your subscribers is available.


  • Easy to use interface,
  • Various competitions from the administration,
  • Over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Market,
  • The ability to follow the life of your idols around the world,
  • Allows you to earn real money on your broadcasts,
  • The official website is constantly updating the software,
  • Bigo Life application supports smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s and tablets based on Windows 4.0 and above.


  • Rare crashes when choosing a vlog category.
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