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The binkw32.dll file is part of the Bink Video package, which is responsible for launching games, including: Call of Duty, Mafia, Far Cry, GTA, Mass Effect, etc. The absence of such a dynamic library can lead to problems with running games. Let’s see how to fix the error.

Features of binkw32.dll

  • Troubleshooting the Rad Video Tools package,
  • Allows you to correctly launch the game or program,
  • Improving the performance of your computer or laptop,
  • Ensures proper encoding and decoding of video in games.


  • Small DLL file size,
  • Used by many applications and games,
  • Supports all versions of Windows from XP and above,
  • Regular updates of the binkw32.dll library from the official Microsoft website.


  • To fully install the DLL, you need to restart your PC.
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