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BioShock Infinite is a unique action game set in a dream city high in the clouds. Unfortunately, power passes into the hands of a cruel dictator and only you can return freedom and faith in a better future to the people.

Bioshock Infinite Features

  • A wide selection of various weapons,
  • Variety of elements in the game,
  • Pumping the protagonist’s superpowers,
  • Developed system of interaction of characters,
  • Huge open locations, complete freedom of action,
  • Control with keyboard, mouse or gamepad,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay on video,
  • Excellent system of physical and mechanical damage to buildings and equipment – airships, etc.,
  • Conducting battles in different realities (you need to save the people in the heavenly world, in the sky and under water),
  • Exciting story trailer, many interesting tasks (single and with a partner),
  • Available versions of the game BioShock Infinite on platforms Xbox One, Sony PlayStation (PS3), PC, Nintendo Switch.


  • Does not load video memory,
  • Fascinating gameplay,
  • Realistic physics and mechanics,
  • Excellent musical arrangement,
  • High-quality textures,
  • There are RPG elements,
  • Russian localization of the interface,
  • Audio recoded to Dolby Digital,
  • Integration with the Steam gambling service,
  • Does not require installation of additional software,
  • Graphics based on the powerful Unreal Engine,
  • Detective includes RPG, Action, Shooter Game genres,
  • Publisher 2k Games and Studio irrational Games regularly update content for the PC game.


  • English voice acting,
  • Rare crashes when loading the map ‘lighthouse of the prophet Columbia’ and ‘airway breaks’.
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