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Black Desert is a unique MMORPG with impressive action elements. You can enjoy exciting journeys, during which you will need to conduct sieges, form various objects and equip buildings. To be successful, teamwork is required.

Features of Black Desert Online

  • Convenient control of combinations of strokes using the keyboard,
  • Interface language and voice acting Russian,
  • As part of the online game, you will find an open world full of all sorts of challenges,
  • Each character class has its own types of energy,
  • The presence of a functional editor to create unique characters,
  • Conducting trade, home ownership, research, capture of castles, looting, production, and so on,
  • Incredibly rich and seamless world,
  • OS XP/Vista/7/8 (32 or 64 bit) supported,
  • Stable updates from the official website of the developer.


  • One of the best graphic implementations in the MMORPG genre,
  • Lots of exciting activities, a variety of activities,
  • A wide range of combo skills, a rich combat system,
  • There is a built-in character editor with a unique appearance,
  • Furnishing the interior of houses, epic sieges with war elephants and cannons,
  • The presence of flexible trading, you can rob caravans,
  • Opportunity to lead endless adventures.


  • Certain ‘slowdowns’ are allowed on relatively weak computers.

System requirements

  • AMD/INTEL processor 2.5 GHz or higher,
  • Video card GeForce 9800GT/Radeon HD 3850 or higher,
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • RAM from 1 GB.
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