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Blender is a 3D modeling program that includes a large number of advanced graphics creation tools and interactive games. Supports sculpting, object mode.

Features of Blender

  • Ability to create 3D animation and rendering,
  • Simulation of the collision of objects and physical phenomena in real time,
  • Vector fonts and graphic primitives are supported,
  • Faculty of 3D Sculpture Modeling,
  • Setting the movement of the lips in a conversation,
  • Non-linear editing and video combining option,
  • A wide range of tools for skeletal animation and soft/rigid dynamics,
  • Export of the .BLEND file to common 3D graphics formats,
  • Task automation feature.


  • Compact installation file size,
  • Version 2.78c works with Windows 10,
  • Pleasant program interface,
  • The presence of a Russian-language forum for beginners,
  • Workspace setup,
  • Large set of 3D effects,
  • Video post-processing function,
  • Advanced computer graphics modeling tools,
  • Constant updates from the official website,
  • All data can be saved to one file.


  • Does not support Windows XP,
  • No Blender in Russian (requires localization).
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