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BlueScreenView is a free program that provides detailed information about the causes of the ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ in Windows. You will get all the necessary data about a critical error and find out which system driver is causing the crash.

Features of BlueScreenView

  • Detection of problematic drivers,
  • The presence of a portable version of the Bluescreen Weaver application,
  • Scans minidump files created at the time the error occurred,
  • Shows accurate information about the drivers installed on the computer,
  • Provides complete information about ‘system crashes’ in the table structure.


  • Displays information about the cause of the failure,
  • Easy to use interface,
  • Display errors in the form of a table,
  • The scanning process takes a few seconds,
  • Finds drivers and devices that cause system errors,
  • Availability of reference materials on the official website,
  • The latest version of BlueScreenView 1.55 supports Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit),
  • Using ‘Google Search’ to get detailed crash data.


  • English interface Blue Screen Viewer.
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