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Boomerang by Instagram is an app for Windows and iOS that has gained popularity among millions of users. One click of a button at the right time – and you get cool unusual gifs, in which photos literally come to life.

Features of Boomerang for Instagram

  • Shoot creative video selfies,
  • Create cool looping GIFs,
  • Send a live snapshot to your friends and share it on social networks,
  • Use the main and front camera of the mobile device,
  • Make branded Instagram boomerangs without an account and registration on Instagram.


  • Trimming a video file,
  • Instant processing,
  • Possibility of delayed publication,
  • Playback speed adjustment,
  • Create a GIF from a series of photos in one click,
  • Elementary one-button control on the from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet,
  • Quickly creates a fast-paced video that plays automatically.


  • Color distortion on some devices,
  • Duration up to 5 seconds,
  • Often, your device’s camera fails to capture high-quality photos.
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