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Brick Rigs is a cool Lego themed multiplayer sandbox simulator. It will take the gamer into the exciting world of building vehicles, including: a variety of jeeps, racing cars, trucks, helicopters and planes.

Features of Brick Rigs

  • A variety of machines are available,
  • All kinds of parts for technology,
  • Realistic physics and destruction system,
  • Advanced car modeling tools,
  • Ability to take screenshots in the process of passing,
  • The presence of the game mode ‘Multiplayer with other users’,
  • You can watch the trailer for the gameplay of the game Brick Rigs Simulator 2016 PC,
  • Accrual of points and virtual money for the successful completion of tasks.


  • Well thought out plot,
  • Interesting and dynamic gameplay,
  • Moderate load on RAM, GPU, CPU,
  • High quality computer game,
  • There are no restrictions on movement,
  • Compatible with Windows 7 SP1 (x32, x64),
  • It is one of the best games in its genre,
  • Made in the modern graphic style of Minecraft,
  • Ability to test square and rectangular cars,
  • Regular simulator updates from Lukas Rustemeyer Game and PC Early Access.


  • English interface language and voice acting language,
  • The full version is not yet available, as the game is still in testing and development.
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