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‘Bubbu – my virtual pet’ is an Windows game that all children are delighted with! Yes, and adult users love to play, caress and take care of a cute ginger cat named Booboo. He is so charming, sensitive, playful that you cannot resist the opportunity to have such a pet in your device.


  • Give the cat any name and follow its development day by day,
  • Entertain your pet and earn coins with 30 fun mini-games,
  • Spin the wheel of fortune to get free diamonds and other prizes,
  • Follow the facial expressions, gestures of the cat and his reaction to your actions – this is a lot of fun,
  • Take your pet to a trendy salon, choose new clothes for him, change the color of his coat and eyes,
  • Keep track of indicators of mood, health, hunger, the need for hygiene procedures,
  • Put the cat to sleep and wake him up using the alarm clock, change day and night with the help of curtains and lamps in the bedroom,
  • Make your cat the happiest, provide the perfect care for your pet: give him delicious treats, create a dream house by buying new items and taking care of the treatment process in time.


  • It is difficult to increase the amount of diamonds and other game currency.
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