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Caliber is a third-person multiplayer online game about modern special forces from the creators of World of Tanks. The tactical shooter offers to play for operatives from Russia and other CIS countries, users will be able to fight in PvP and PvE modes.

Features Caliber

  • Firing at any distance,
  • Selection of members of special forces,
  • Interesting missions in PvP/PvE modes,
  • Addictive gameplay, many maps are presented,
  • Planning tactical actions between players in a team,
  • Each fighter is unique and fights using their own special abilities,
  • Detailed information about weapons (also facts from the history in great detail).


  • Russian voice acting,
  • Bright and rich trailers,
  • Detailed installation instructions,
  • Realistic appearance of weapons,
  • Works on the Unity graphics engine,
  • High intelligence of bots when confronted with PC,
  • High-quality study of models and rendering of textures,
  • A full version of Caliber is being developed for the Xbox 360,
  • Selecting equipment options by pressing hotkey combinations,
  • Quick registration in the Wargaming Game Center by mail, where you can quickly get other computer games from the developer without using a torrent,
  • The video game is published by 1c game studios, is in the testing phase and receives regular updates.


  • Team shooter can only be run online.
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