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Call of Duty 2 is a military first-person shooter set during World War II. Play as brave heroes of the American, British and Soviet armies. The main task is to destroy the superior enemy forces and get rid of the consequences of fascist oppression in completely different parts of the world – from Moscow to North Africa.

Call of Duty 2 features

  • Russian voice acting is available,
  • Many different types of weapons,
  • Your allies provide assistance in combat,
  • Allows you to act as a tank commander,
  • There is a version of the legendary shooter for the Xbox 360,
  • Opportunity to take part in three campaigns,
  • Carrying out massive attacks on enemy bases,
  • Support for multiplayer with multiple users,
  • Continuation of the fascinating plot of the first part of the game Call of Duty.


  • Russian interface language,
  • You can use cheats and codes,
  • There is a trailer about the gameplay,
  • High-quality sound accompaniment,
  • Low load on RAM,
  • The presence of an exciting gameplay from the first minutes,
  • Includes several genres: Action, Shooter 3D, 1st Person,
  • New graphics engine, improved animation effects,
  • Game version 1.3 makes it possible to save the skills acquired in battle.


  • Most missions do not have a health bar,
  • The multiplayer game has not been updated by the developer since 2005.
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