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The first part of Call of Duty offers to plunge into the era of exciting and bloody battles of World War II. Provide support to American, British and Soviet soldiers in the conduct of the largest military operations against the fascist invaders.

Call of Duty Features

  • There is a Russian voice acting,
  • Support for various gamepads,
  • Built-in multiplayer function,
  • A large number of all kinds of weapons,
  • Huge battlefield, complete freedom of action,
  • More than 24 missions with an exciting storyline,
  • It is possible to control various military equipment,
  • A choice of British, Soviet and American troops is available,
  • Video review of games in the Call of Duty series on the official website of Infinity Ward.


  • Russian interface language,
  • Dynamic gameplay,
  • Convenient controls,
  • Realistic physics of movements,
  • Different level of difficulty of tasks,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack,
  • Ability to use cheat codes for Cal of Duty,
  • Includes several genres: Action, Shooter 3D, 1St Person,
  • Colorful screenshots of the game during the installation of the Call of Duty shooter.


  • More features in the Call of Duty Black Ops, Infinite Warfare and Ghosts shooter game series.
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