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Camtasia Studio is a screen recording software and more. It contains functions that are usually performed in turn in different programs. Two important steps that can be done in one program: 1 – record the video itself, 2 – add effects, edit and ‘render’ using the desired codec, in the desired format. Inexperienced users will find it difficult to do their own editing, but Camtasia Studio is designed for such people.

Features of Camtasia Studio

  • Screen video recording in high quality with sound capture from a microfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7,
  • Recording and visualization (rendering) in various popular formats: WMV, AVI, SWF, MOV, FLV,
  • Adding animations, footnotes, various graphics and so on to an existing video,
  • Adding videos to YouTUBE directly from Camtasia Studio,
  • Chrome Key support!


  • Recording screen, voice, webcam, post-editing, adding effects and final rendering with recommended settings – all in one Camtasia Studio,
  • When recording from the screen, you can select a specific area or window,
  • A large number of transitions, animations, inscription options, cursor changes,
  • Separate work with audio tracks,
  • Integration with MS PowerPoint,
  • Built-in master assistant that gives advice throughout your work.


  • No effects to work with audio apart from standard tools,
  • Not suitable for high-quality game shooting,
  • There is no full-fledged Russian-language interface design.
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