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Cash Organizer is a powerful cross-platform expense tracking and budgeting software. Supports scheduling, deferred payments, database synchronization with multiple devices. Provides comprehensive statistics.

Features Cash Organizer

  • Maintaining personal and family budget,
  • Planning, work with debts and loans,
  • Creation of an unlimited number of accounts,
  • Selecting any of the many categories for payment,
  • Adding your own categories, tags, labels, comments,
  • Support for projects with unlimited nested structure,
  • Budget groups for more precise control over finances,
  • Multi-currency with automatic updating of rates and history,
  • Displaying reports in a variety of sorts and forms, viewing and exporting,
  • Work with various data formats for import and export to the database,
  • Database synchronization between multiple devices with different operating systems.


  • Ease of use, high speed,
  • Cross-platform, versions for Windows, iOS, Mac, web client,
  • Support for both new and legacy versions of Windows (XP, Vista),
  • Grouping and accounts for better tracking of spending in different areas,
  • Work in a common cloud with a single database for all client devices,
  • Properly thought-out functionality of budget management, there are all the necessary options,
  • Not only transaction planning is available, but their division (split), as well as budget forecasting,
  • Ability to create complex projects, own categories, labels, tags,
  • A large number of different sortings for displaying statistical data and reports,
  • Import data in QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV, TXT formats, export reports to TXT, CSV, HTML, PDF.


  • Cash Organizer for Linux OS and Windows Mobile is not released:
  • The mobile version has received automation of adding transactions, thanks to the connection with banking applications. The desktop function is missing.
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